Making Strong Moves.

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Brotherhood. Community. Unity.

The World is Our Campus.

BLOC is a crucial resource for self-identified marginalized—but in no way marginal—students. BLOC is a supportive extended family at the sometimes-alienating Claremont Colleges. BLOC is a tight-knit family; let this be most sacred. BLOC promotes academic achievement and celebrates members’ successes. The organization recognizes, takes on, and tries to mitigate hardship as exercises in collective compassion.

Who Are We

Building Leaders On Campus, or BLOC for short, is a dynamic entity that has evolved and adapted over the years. It is more than just a “resource” at the Claremont Colleges. It is a space for those who identify as “marginalized” (those who have been left at the fringes of society) and their allies to come together and form a collective that maximizes the abilities of each individual in its composition. First and foremost, BLOC exists to serve its members – to allow each and every member’s passions and ideas to flow through the organization and be realized through a concerted effort. This flow of energy doesn’t just serve our members, but the community as a whole, whether on the Claremont campuses or in the local community. From high school mentoring programs, to anti- sexual assault campaigns, to parties that challenge mainstream culture on Campuses, BLOC gets the job done

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BLOC members hone skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Leadership opportunities prepare members for success in their chosen careers and, more importantly, as human beings. BLOC creates well-rounded programs and strives for excellence and quality in all its undertakings. Members, both individually and collectively, work toward the advancement of the campus community and broader communities. In doing so, BLOC contributes to the betterment of each member.

BLOC harnesses its tight-knit brotherhood to collaborate with other people, groups, and communities. BLOC hopes to assess the local climate in order to gauge the needs of the underrepresented. BLOC fosters close partnerships within the 5C community to achieve common goals. By embarking on these endeavors together, BLOC seeks mediation, reconciliation, and understanding. Co-curricular activities can be as valuable as the classroom experience; hence, BLOC promotes involvement in all aspects of collegiate life.